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Early Praise for The Widow of Wall Street 

“Riveting, thoughtful, and nuanced, THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET will provide plenty of material for book clubs to ponder as they discuss this complex woman and her story.”
Pamela Klinger-Horn
Excelsior Bay Books (Excelsior, MN)

“Randy Susan Meyers is a master at building tension in seemingly ordinary places. Gorgeously written and completely enthralling, THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET is a gripping story of scandal and life after devastation,”
—Katie Eelman, Papercuts (Boston MA)

Randy Susan Meyers isn’t afraid to dive deep on characters in crisis, especially women. There’s nothing clichéd about her novels—she never oversimplifies, sentimentalizes, or in any way sells the story short. This has been the case with her first three novels and is even more so with her new novel, The Widow of Wall Street.

 Phoebe is the widow of the title. She and Jake marry when they are both young, and they succeed together as he conquers the financial world. When Jake’s empire is exposed as a Ponzi scheme, decades later, victims include their own children, as well as Phoebe’s family and closest friends. In addition to the devastation wrought by Jake, questions arise about Phoebe’s role. What did she know, and when? Why did she stay by his side? The Widow of Wall Street is a big, ambitious story, and Meyers’ telling does not disappoint. The writing is clear and expressive; readers are held in thrall as we watch Phoebe’s world rise and then collapse.
— Kathy Crowley, Belmont Books (Belmont, MA)

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“One of the ironies of being a bookstore owner is that I am constantly surrounded by more amazing books than I can possibly read. But when a new Randy Susan Meyers book comes out, I drop everything else and dive in. Accidents of Marriage may be my favorite yet — she plunges you headfirst into the lives of Maddy and Ben, a couple whose already complicated relationship is thrown further off course by a devastating accident. Meyers is deft at creating beautifully realistic characters and teasing out the very essence of relationships — you truly feel like you KNOW these people as you read her book, and they stay with you long after you finish it. I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of readers.”
—Mary Cotton
Newtonville Books, Newton, MA

Accidents of Marriage is a page-turning, provocative read that challenges traditional notions of marital and emotional issues – forcing the reader into a position of empathy for all characters involved, highlighting how messy life really is.”
Ann Mayhew
Magers & Quinn, Minneapolis, MN

Randy Susan Meyer’s upcoming Accidents of Marriage is very, very difficult to put down.  It explores a little-discussed topic in fiction, the awful toll emotional abuse takes in a relationship. This is a book whose theme and characters will resonate deeply over a wide swath of  readers.”
Dana Brigham
Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA

“Accidents of Marriage grabs you on page 1 and takes you on the journey of what it can be like to be in a relationship with emotional abuse. It gives very real glimpses of that lifestyle: the tough choices to be made, the struggle for normalcy, and the danger that is always lurking. Randy Susan Meyers is not afraid to boldly take on a tough topic. She consistently tugs on your heart strings!”
Lori Fazio, General Manager
RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT

“Meyers knows a lot about emotional battlegrounds. Peeling back the layers of a family in crisis, she reveals the clashing truths about Maddy and Ben’s marriage from three points of view. I cared deeply about these characters, each searching for a way back from disaster. Meyers refuses to settle for convenient excuses or easy answers; this book broke my heart and then began to mend it.”
Ellen Meeropol
Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA
Author of House Arrest and On Hurricane Island (forthcoming 2015)

“In Accidents of Marriage, Randy Susan Meyers has combined a page-turning plot with rare insight into a family irretrievably torn by emotional abuse. Her characters are complex and real, and they lead us to an ending that stays alive even after we’ve closed the final page of the book.”
—Tracy Hahn-Burkett
Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord, NH

“I love the characters in the book. They are as flawed as can be, but fighting to be better, which makes them real and sympathetic, even at their worse. Accidents of Marriage is a peek at a marriage in trouble and how a near disaster can add stress and change relationships. It’s about wanting something badly, but making wrong decisions anyway and it’s about the consequences of your actions and of those in your family. Families like this are messy, but familiar, and ultimately understandable. I found myself rooting for each of them.

It’s a page-turner and the characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Randy Susan Meyers is one of our favorite authors. Her characters are always richly drawn and real—this book is no exception!”
Brooke McDonough
Westwinds Bookshop, Duxbury, MA

“This book presented so much information in such a sneaky storytelling way, that it took me several days to sort through all the undercurrents. I learned a lot about traumatic brain injury from this book as well as how truly complicated each of us are. The fact that Ben is a public defender, yet is the one who commits the crime goes hand in hand with Maddy being a social worker who lives with such uncertainty concerning her husband’s temper. The author did a great job of making each character multi-dimensional. I thought Ben would be the villain, but due to Meyers writing, found myself understanding him more, and rooting for him. I admit that I initially felt sad after reading this book. I kept wondering, does anyone ever really get their act together? Mostly, what I was left with was this. It’s not what happens in our lives, but how we cope.”
Ginny Jewell
Acorn Books, Dover, DE

“Everyone looks for a ‘go to’ book for summer reading or book group and Accidents of Marriage delivers. It is a captivating story from start to finish, filled with raw emotions. It can draw tears and cheers. Randy Susan Meyers bring us yet another hit.”
Catherine Davis
Buttonwood Books, Cohassett, MA

“With her new novel, Accidents of Marriage, Randy Susan Meyers draws you straight into the heart of a troubled family struggling to endure each day. When crisis truly strikes, this becomes a story that is impossible to step away from – you will find yourself reading straight through to the end and emerging with new insight into our sometimes overwhelming modern lives.”
Katherine Osborne
Letterpress Books, Portland, ME

“Ben and Maddy are married with three children. They’re not perfect, what family is? Ben is a public defender, quick to anger. Maddy, a social worker and working mum has developed coping methods to help her deal with her mercurial husband’s moods. Ben has never hit Maddy, but he’s about to drive her and their marriage onto life support. Is the family damaged beyond repair? While Meyers doesn’t sugar coat the emotional abuse Ben heaps on Maddy, I was still rooting for them both.”
—Paula Longhurst
King’s English Bookstore, Salt Lake City, UT

“Ben and Maddy have had a volatile marriage but one night on a rainy night Ben wrecks his car putting Maddy in the hospital. She worked as a social worker, raised their three children and dealt with his emotional abuse over the years. When finally awakening from a coma, she has to decide if she has the strength to survive without him. A great read on a difficult subject. Well written and the characters are well written and believable. Gives great food for thought.”
Ann Klausing

“Randy Susan Meyers brings her characters to life in Accidents of Marriage, touching on some of the less-talked-about problems people face in marriage. Maddy, a  social worker and her husband, Ben, a public defender, are trying to balance two high-stress careers while raising three children. Ben takes his aggressions out on Maddy with verbal abuse while Maddy walks on eggshells around him to keep peace for the sake of the children.

One rainy day Ben’s outburst of temper causes a car crash, leaving Maddy fighting for life. Despite their problems, Maddy and Ben love each other, and their children, and now Maddy’s condition puts a greater strain on the family. This book will hit home with most people. Even if we aren’t abused ourselves, we all know someone in that situation. Expertly-crafted, this book is one not to miss.”
—Cheryl Kravetz
Classic Bookshop, Palm Beach, FL

“When is the time when enough is enough and how do we know it is so? Randy Susan Meyers deftly explores the issue of emotional abuse in her new novel Accidents of Marriage. This is the story of Maddy and Ben and their three children. Maddy, a working mother, struggles to balance career and family. Ben, a public defender who lives on a short fuse, drives the car that sends Maddy to the hospital in critical condition after a road rage encounter. Told from the points of view of Maddy, Ben and Emma the oldest sibling, Accidents of Marriage is an engrossing and provocative read.”
—Fran Keilty
The Hickory Stick Bookshop, Washington Depot, CT

Accidents of Marriage left me thinking about how one would cope with a disaster of this enormity.”
Nicola Rooney
Nicola’s Books, Ann Arbor, MI

“I absolutely loved the beginning quote of Frida Kahlo’s! What a way to start off with a “boom”!! Two passages that really stuck with me were “I have been a prisoner of hope” and when Maddy referred to herself as an accident of marriage. I enjoyed the story very much and found it to be painfully honest.”
Natacha Liuzzi
Brown Dog Books & Gifts, Hinesburg, VT

“A very realistic look at a modern marriage with a hopeful ending for all the characters.”
Valerie Koehler
Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, Texas

“Randy Susan Meyers’ latest riveting offering, Accidents of Marriage, takes the reader through the strained workings of an unhappy marriage to the shattered remains after this marriage implodes. Ben and Maddy are struggling to raise three children and keep their relationship balanced, while the dark cloud of Ben’s temper always looms overhead. It’s Ben’s hotheadedness that results in a terrible accident which lands Maddy in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

Seamlessly told from the perspectives of Ben, Maddy, and Emma, their 14-year-old daughter, Meyers takes us through the cycle of Maddy’s transformation from victim to survivor, and the impact her accident has on the family dynamic. Blame is thrown like paint across a landscape, and nobody escapes the feelings of guilt, shame, and hopelessness that accompany it. The reader will find Maddy both likeable and oblivious (after all, she works with abused women, yet can’t seem to recognize the signs in her own marriage). Emma comes across as a true teenager, at times entitled and shallow, but as her role within the family changes after her mother’s accident, alarmingly burdened with the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly. She’s an empathetic character with a teenage attitude: the reader feels pity for her, but sometimes, her selfishness is aggravating. Kudos to Meyers for capturing the essence of the average American teenage girl.

Most surprising is Ben, who begins in this novel as a truly unlikeable and selfish man. His struggle throughout the book to do right by his family and better himself improves his character immensely, to the point where the reader almost feels sorry for him. Almost. Let us not forget he is the one who put Maddy in the hospital to begin with, and while the reader can draw a conclusion as to whether Maddy should forgive him, it is ultimately Maddy’s decision, after all.

Accidents of Marriage is an intriguing read that will leave the reader questioning what they themselves might do in such a complex and intense situation. This novel’s captivating narrative of family transformation makes Ben, Maddy, and Emma impossible to forget.”
—Stacey Harris, Co-Owner
Books & Boos, Colchester, CT

Mass Book Award-AOM
Atria Books
September 2, 2014
June 9, 2015
ISBN: 978-1451673043

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