Have You Seen These Books?

Guest Post by M.J. Rose

If you’ve been browsing for books in B&N chances are you haven’t seen these acclaimed books.

Why? They’re missing due to an ongoing negotiation between the publisher and the book store chain. Not pointing fingers here... we all love our publisher and we love all bookstores including B&N!

As a result these books – all of which are getting great reviews (and forgive me for including mine) – aren’t getting the visibility they normally would get. And visibility is key to a book’s success.

So dear reader, here are links where you can discover more about each of these books and buy them from any store of your choice (including BN.com). Please scroll all the way down to see all of the books.

IHatvany_Heart Like Mine REV cover (1) FINAL VERSION  

“Uplifting” Kirkus

Click here 


Click Here

“Entertaining” PW Star

Images-8     Images-2    Images-3

Click Here                  Cick Here                               Click Here                

“Magnetic” Booklist    “Rewarding” Kirkus           “Mesmerising” Booklist

0452c7_ced35e444a877ea9cd55fdeb950fbd23.jpg_srz_325_485_75_22_0.50_1.20_09781451673012  Images-7

Click here                 Click here                            Click here       

“Impressive” NYT    “Smart” Kirkus             “Riveting”  RT


Images-5      TinyBOLF The-storyteller-300h    
Click Here                      Click Here                          Click Here

“Powerful” Star Mag       “Addicting” IM Reviews        “Compelling” AP

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