Goodreads ARC (huh?) Giveaway: THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET

 Giveaway Ends January 28


Oft asked question: “What is an ARC?”

An ARC is almost-complete version of a not-yet-published book that is released to “advanced readers.” Who these advanced readers are may vary, but for the most part they’re book stores, book reviewers and media reviewers who are allowed to read the book before its publish date so that reviews may coincide with the book’s debut and stores can make ordering decisions.

Sites like Goodreads, together with publishers, make these advance copies available to a few—very few—readers as a way to ‘get the word out.’

For writers, it’s the best and worst of times. We love seeing these early copies in the hands of some readers, and, of course, reviewers and bookstores. And we cringe, knowing these uncorrected books are going out in the world.

So, I invite you—urge you!— to register for this giveaway.

Click Here!

And if you win? I beg you to be kind when you see the typos, the missed words and instances of cringe-worthy errors (which I’ve corrected! I promise! Especially the one about the population numbers!)





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    I loved The Murderer’s Daughters.

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