Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Giving to These Kids!!!


My husband brings me roses every Valentine’s Day, which I love for more than one reason—along with the sentiment and that I adore flowers, it speaks to the lack of tradition I had growing up and feeds my need for the sweetness of security.

But this year I’m asking him for something in place of flowers—sharing our love and happiness. I gathered a list of books and games needed by The Home for Little Wanderer’s Roxbury House. There are many in need (and sometimes I think I, like you, can suffer from compassion fatigue)—plus, during this season of political fear, many of us are giving everything we can to groups that protect our rights. But I worry about forgetting the most forgotten.

Roxbury House, a residential program, provides a safe home and to support vulnerable at-risk adolescents with a history of trauma, who are naturally easily overwhelmed by circumstances and demands that other persons their age typically handle without safety concerns.  The staff at this program work hard long hours to provide stability for these kids.

We often take for granted the things we can provide for our daughters and sons, our nieces, nephews, grandchildren and neighbors. So this Valentines Day, let’s show some love and send the kids of Roxbury House some things they want. Below is a list of gifts and how to send them.

Use the Amazon Wish List

Belmont Books has amazing curated lists of fiction, nonfiction, comics/graphic novels for the YA crowd, and they ship quickly!

Visit any of your closest indie bookstores and find YA books.

Send your Valentine’s Day Gifts to:

Roxbury House
c/o The Home for Little Wanderers
10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

Contact me at randy@randysusanmeyers.com if you’d like to send a gift directly to Roxbury House.

PS: Greater Boston folk: I’ll be having a book launch fundraiser for Roxbury House on April 12, 7PM at Bella Luna Restaurant (with the help of Papercuts Bookstore & the generosity of Bella Luna)




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