Raising Funds to End Child Sex Trafficking

On Thursday, May 11, caring smart women were in motion: The Women’s Group of the Greens, ably led by Cookie Edell and Irene Bochner, raised funds for ECPAT-USA, a much needed organization protecting children.

“For more than two decades ECPAT-USA has been at the forefront of the fight to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We go to the source of the problem by fighting for new and improved laws, encouraging the private sector to do its part, and raising awareness among those who may be in a position to identify a child who is being commercially sexually exploited.” from ECPAT-USA

            Karen Weiss, Randy Susan Meyers, Deborah Morea

“Fighting to abolish the commercial sexual exploitation of children is a complex challenge. The criminals who exploit children for commercial gain use sophisticated methods that are changing all the time. They know how to entice children and then keep them in the shadows to be sold for sex. ECPAT-USA and its team of staff, board members, and volunteers work tirelessly to fight this inhumane and criminal activity at the source.” From ECPAT-USA

In my role as keynote speaker, I shared lunch with 3oo + women at the Crest Hollow Country Club, amazed at the tenacity shown by Cookie and Irene, and the entire committee, in raising money to fight child sex trafficking, combat ‘sex tourism’ and “empower youth to take the lead against human trafficking by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to help them become activists against this terrible trade.”

Cookie Edell, Randy Susan Meyers, Irene Bochner

I am grateful women like these exist, willing to work so tirelessly to fight the scourge that is child sex trafficking. “For twenty-five years, policy makers, individuals, churches, and other organizations have looked to ECPAT-USA for leadership because of its groundbreaking work in protecting children from all form of commercial sexual exploitation.” From ECPAT-USA

We believe in a world where
no child is bought, sold or used for sex.

Event Photos:

This picture captures only half of the crowd!

Susan Viviani and Deborah Morea

Ellie Oppenheim, Randy Susan Meyers


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