My Recommended Reads (and Listens) for June


Reading is my life blood—between pleasure reading and research, I usually have three or four books going at a time. Including, of course, an audio book for when I’m driving, cleaning, or folding laundry. This month, the books that kept me awake were:

For depth and dignity: HUNGER by Roxane Gay. I can’t get enough time to inhale this book as fast as I want; which may be good, as this book requires thought (though it’s clear as water to read.) Totally up to the hype and more.

For when you need light and fun: CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB by Kathy Cooperman.. I totally loved this goofy novel of two women who come up with a caper (okay, crime) that I couldn’t get enough of. Think anti-aging. Money. Scheme. It simply hit the spot exactly when I needed to turn off my mind.For listening pleasure: BORN A CRIME by Trevor Noah. I would have driven many extra hours just to get more of this book. The story. The voice of Trevor Noah. The humor. The tragedy. Best I’ve ever heard. This man is a genius.

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