Top 10 Reasons to Come to Belmont Books on June 28 (Wed!)

  1. Belmont Books is a dream come alive for my wonderful friends, Kathy Crowley & Chris Abouzeid—writers, dreamers, community-minded people, big-hearted, ridiculously funny (Chris) & ridiculously motherly (Kathy). Celebrate with us as we toast them.


  1. Ellen Meeropol’s new novel, Kinship of Clover, was chosen as an NPR small press ‘best.’ Charles Baxter, author of The Feast of Love wrote “Midway through this wonderful novel, you will find a woman dancing in her wheelchair. That scene is one of many memorable moments in a story about young people organizing for a sustainable future, even as their once-radical elders try to hold on to a gradually disappearing past. This is a book about time and love, politics and family, and it is sharply observant and deeply compassionate.”


  1. Cupcakes (for snacking & symbolism.) My first attempt. (Gulp!)

  1. In Tiger in the House, Jacqueline Sheehan captures all she knows and learned about addiction and wraps it in a gripping story that begins with a five-year-old girl standing on the side of the road. Jacquelyn Mitchard, number one New York Times bestselling author, wrote “The Tiger in the House is at once terrifying and tender, a tribute to this writer’s range in the realm of domestic drama. I read it once, and then I read it all over again. Stop what you’re doing and settle down with this one.”


  1. Prosecco (to celebrate!!)



  1. The New York Post, choosing The Widow of Wall Street as a “Must Read” book wrote, “When Phoebe and Jake Pierce meet as teenagers, she knows he’s someone on the way up, and she wants to be there as he climbs the Wall Street ladder. He gets everything he ever wanted. When it turns out that Jake’s success rests on a huge Ponzi scheme, Phoebe has to make an excruciating choice.”


  1. Obsessions (ours) revealed.
  1. Discover Leonard Street—home to Belmont Books—a small town street, spitting distance from Boston, that’s a cornucopia of great restaurants and shops.


  1. The commuter rail!! Did you know you can ride right to Belmont Center? (Yup, the location of Belmont Books.)


  1. Best selection of children’s books and YA you’ll ever find. Bring your children and we promise we won’t swear during our bookish conversation.


11. Bonus reason: We’d love to see you!!





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