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The (Dis)Comfort of Money

Women with money and women in power are two uncomfortable ideas in our society.”– Candace Bushnell

Money is the last taboo. People will spill seamy details about their sex lives, before they talk about their salary or, savings accounts. And yet, money is so often at the heart of marital fights, broken dreams, and wake-in-the-middle-of-the-night fears.

That’s why I wrote The (Dis)Comfort of Money – second in my ‘comfort’ series.* The short book includes wisdom, humor, writer’s being honest about their relationship with money, and more. All about the topic with which we are the least comfortable.

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How Readers Discover Books

This is going to be one long post! I tried to organize the answers to my survey, “How Do You Discover Books” in a way that will be most useful, but, wow! I was overwhelmed, not by the number of people who responded to the survey—that was a respectable 213—but by organizing and reading the over 110 comments. The devil really is in these details.

First: This was an unscientific venture. I sent it to a mailing list of book clubs, writers and friends. I wrote a post with a link to the survey (that was open to the world) and asked friends to share that post, which I and others put on FB and Twitter—so most certainly this swayed the answers. But those who answered were, like me, readers to the core.

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Book Club Contest: Be my guests at dinner!

“Full of deceit, scandal, and guilt . . . the consequence will leave readers reeling” — Library Journal

AND THE WINNER IS: Dallas, Texas!

Simple Rules: Book clubs pre-ordering 5 or more copies of The Widow of Wall Street can enter the drawing to be my guests at a restaurant in their town. After pre-ordering, email with the subject line: Dinner: The Widow of Wall Street.” Include your name, hometown, and the number of books you pre-ordered.

Entries will be accepted until April 10th at midnight. The winner will be announced on April 11th on

“Compelling. An engrossing emotional journey.”Kirkus Reviews

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How Do You Discover Books? (Let Me Know; Maybe Win a Prize!)

If you’re anything like me, your need for books is second only to water, food and love—but how do you find your books? For some of us it’s a mysterious process, with something similar to a divining rod leading up to the right novel at the right time. Others turn to aunties and friends. I want to find out your method!

Click here to take the survey and not only will you soon see the results here , you’ll be entered to win an early hardcover copy of my new novel (releasing April 11) The Widow of Wall Street (and helping with an article for readers and writers.)

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Book Club Dinner With Me…In Your Town!

The Widow of Wall Street, launches on April 11 and I’m celebrating by inviting a book club to join me for a night out in their town. The conversations I’ve had, in person, on Skype, and in person with book clubs have been some of my very best hours as an author.

The rules to enter the drawing are simple:

Any book club pre-ordering 5 or more copies (print or eBooks) can enter the random drawing to be my guests for dinner at a great restaurant in your town.

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Book Club of the Week: Hickory Stick Bookshop

Hickory Stick Bookshop

While not a typical book club, per se, after having the great good luck to be invited to two of their intimate author luncheons, all I can say is: Yes! Yes! Yes! Owner Fran Keilty of The Hickory Stick Bookshop has designed a perfect marriage of delicious food, great readers and hungry authors. What else does together so well? (Yes, after being alone in our sweat pants, eating cereal and milk for as many as three meals a day (oops, is that only me? TMI?) what could make me happier than a bookstore in a gorgeous setting in Connecticut, artfully prepared real food and talking to sharp fun women who love to read?

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Book Club of the Week: Club Red in Braintree

Club Red in Braintree MA

Club Red in Braintree MA

One of the best parts of being an author is getting to eat cake . . . wait a minute, I meant visiting book groups. Who also happen to have the best cake, gossip, wine & ideas for new books to read. Of course, when I meet with a group by Skype I don’t get to drink the wine, but I do get to be invited into beautiful living rooms all over the country.

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STORIED RECIPES: A New Cookbook for Cookclubs


Q: What could be luckier than getting to send The Comfort of Food , my limited edition cookbook to book clubs?

A: Having worked with thirteen other authors to bring out a new book club cookbook: Storied Recipes. 

Whether it’s sweet or savory, these are time-tested recipes from fourteen of us, with recipes ranging from  “First Date Beef with Wine”to “Truffle-Studded Chicken” to the vegetarian “Fromage Forte” to “White Gazpacho” — from cherry pie to springerle to chocolate chip elephant ears, the recipes run from the easy to the more challenging, but all come with our cooking, love, or family stories.

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