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7 Ways 2 Anxious Writers Are Making Lemonade From Lemons

 By Randy Susan Meyers & M.J. Rose

FACT: We are both releasing books on Feb 12 (yes, next Tuesday) (The Comfort of Lies and The Book of Lost Fragrances) from Atria Books/Simon & Schuster

FACT: Barnes & Noble is the largest chain of bookstores in the United States. (705 bookstores; 636 college bookstores.)

FACT: Our books will be in very few Barnes & Noble stores on release day, due to unresolved negotiations between Simon & Schuster and B&N.

FACT: This made us shudder, shake, swear, and take an Ativan (Randy) and Rescue Remedy (M.J.).

FACT: According to the ABA, there are about 2500 independent bookstores in the US.

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Author (And All) Photos Made Better

If you love every picture of yourself, or you’re one of those naturally photogenic people, you won’t need this post. And I probably don’t want to stand next to you in any photo.

For the rest of us, there are tricks to make ourselves look less double-chinned, squint-eyed, or serial killerish in photos. I know. I am decidedly not one of those naturally photogenic people. Thus, my gathering of every bit of advice I could find before having an author photo taken. (Now I want to figure out how to outlaw people from ‘tagging’ me in candid shots they’ve taken. Isn’t there something about souls being stolen?

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What To Do Before Your Book Launch: A Guidebook

What to expect when you’re expecting your book? What’s going to happen first, and second, and third?  For me, as I waited for the launch of my debut novel, I was overwhelmed with how much I had to learn, had never learned, and perhaps could/would/should have learned—were there an eight-day week into which I could tap.

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