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Author (And All) Photos Made Better

If you love every picture of yourself, or you’re one of those naturally photogenic people, you won’t need this post. And I probably don’t want to stand next to you in any photo.

For the rest of us, there are tricks to make ourselves look less double-chinned, squint-eyed, or serial killerish in photos. I know. I am decidedly not one of those naturally photogenic people. Thus, my gathering of every bit of advice I could find before having an author photo taken. (Now I want to figure out how to outlaw people from ‘tagging’ me in candid shots they’ve taken. Isn’t there something about souls being stolen?

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“Ask The Author” for Independent Bookstore Day at Papercuts

ask the author chicken 2

Have a question—about anything?
Publishing? Love? Finding an Agent? Best Mascara? What Tie to Wear?
I’m yours for an hour
And the questions can be anonymous!

I must give out the whiff of “yes, let me tell you what to do!” each time I leave the house. Or even when I don’t. (My daughters will attest to this.) That must be why Papercuts, the newest Independent Bookstore in town, right here in my Jamaica Plain, Boston neighborhood asked me to be their anonymous (you, not me) “Dear Abby” for Indie Bookstore day.

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ask the author chicken 2
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7 Ways 2 Anxious Writers Are Making Lemonade From Lemons

 By Randy Susan Meyers & M.J. Rose

FACT: We are both releasing books on Feb 12 (yes, next Tuesday) (The Comfort of Lies and The Book of Lost Fragrances) from Atria Books/Simon & Schuster

FACT: Barnes & Noble is the largest chain of bookstores in the United States. (705 bookstores; 636 college bookstores.)

FACT: Our books will be in very few Barnes & Noble stores on release day, due to unresolved negotiations between Simon & Schuster and B&N.

FACT: This made us shudder, shake, swear, and take an Ativan (Randy) and Rescue Remedy (M.J.).

FACT: According to the ABA, there are about 2500 independent bookstores in the US.

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What To Do Before Your Book Launch: A Guidebook

What to expect when you’re expecting your book? What’s going to happen first, and second, and third?  For me, as I waited for the launch of my debut novel, I was overwhelmed with how much I had to learn, had never learned, and perhaps could/would/should have learned—were there an eight-day week into which I could tap.

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