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Ten Books for Ten Moods


If you read as I do (unceasingly, never sticking to any one genre, and always with a backup book (or ten) just in case, you’re always seeking books to match your current mood, yes? Pride and Prejudice won’t do when you’re in a Frankenstein mood.

There are times nothing will work except dark and broody-moody, to be accompanied by rough dark bread and almost unbearably smelly cheese. The next week, I may be in need of adventure so intense that eating while reading is almost unbearable. (Notice I said ‘almost’ unbearable. The only instances that really make me stop eating are break-ups, and I refuse to leave my beloved just to lose twenty pounds . . . of that I am almost positive.)

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Do-Gooder Gifts: Lovely & Helpful

I love giving gifts.
I love helping nonprofits.
Combining the two?
Below: my annual list of  shops where profits are plowed into good
& the choices are terrific. 

Helping Survivors  Sex Trafficking: The Resilience Bracelet, is one of many exquisite pieces of jewelry made by Her Future Coalition 

“Our mission is to provide shelter, education, and employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse, so they can become and remain free forever. We engage in long term, intensive interventions with the goal of financial independence.   Our programs give survivors the tools to overcome tremendous stigma and to advance far above the poverty line, transforming their identity and social status.”

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Postcards from The Widow of Wall Street


“When Phoebe and Jake Pierce meet as teenagers, she knows he’s someone on the way up, and she wants to be there as he climbs the Wall Street ladder. He gets everything he ever wanted. When it turns out that Jake’s success rests on a huge Ponzi scheme, Phoebe has to make an excruciating choice.
New York Post ‘Must Read Books’

“ . . .as this compelling story unfolds, you realize nothing is as uncomplicated as it seems.”
Associated Press

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Another Storied Recipe: Mystery Novel Chocolate Pie Supreme

 About a million years ago I read (a now out of date) mystery, Gastronomic Murder, by Alexandra Roudybush (look for this book. I got a second-hand copy recently. Try the library. That’s where I got in back in the day. At that time, I couldn’t afford to buy books and the local Boston library was my savior.

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Top 10 Reasons to Come to Belmont Books on June 28 (Wed!)

  1. Belmont Books is a dream come alive for my wonderful friends, Kathy Crowley & Chris Abouzeid—writers, dreamers, community-minded people, big-hearted, ridiculously funny (Chris) & ridiculously motherly (Kathy). Celebrate with us as we toast them.


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  1. Ellen Meeropol’s new novel, Kinship of Clover, was chosen as an NPR small press ‘best.’ Charles Baxter, author of The Feast of Love wrote “Midway through this wonderful novel, you will find a woman dancing in her wheelchair. That scene is one of many memorable moments in a story about young people organizing for a sustainable future, even as their once-radical elders try to hold on to a gradually disappearing past. This is a book about time and love, politics and family, and it is sharply observant and deeply compassionate.”
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Raising Funds to End Child Sex Trafficking

On Thursday, May 11, caring smart women were in motion: The Women’s Group of the Greens, ably led by Cookie Edell and Irene Bochner, raised funds for ECPAT-USA, a much needed organization protecting children.

“For more than two decades ECPAT-USA has been at the forefront of the fight to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We go to the source of the problem by fighting for new and improved laws, encouraging the private sector to do its part, and raising awareness among those who may be in a position to identify a child who is being commercially sexually exploited.” from ECPAT-USA

            Karen Weiss, Randy Susan Meyers, Deborah Morea

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SLUT: The Play & The Brave Girls of Hingham High School



Next time I worry about our world, I’ll think of the girls like those in the Hingham High School Drama club who are brave enough to put on a play which will delve head-first into the supercharged issue of rape culture and slut shaming with its spring production of the simply yet provocatively titled play “Slut, written by Katie Capiello.”

“Katie Cappiello’s powerhouse script examines the double standard that celebrates sexual activity by boys but denigrates it for girls.” —Time Out New York


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Why This Book? Interviewed by Deborah Kalb

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your new novel, and how closely are Jake and Phoebe based on Bernie Madoff and his wife, Ruth?

A: The idea did come just when the Madoff case first broke, and it fascinated me. How do you pull something like that off? As I saw all the people he had fooled, these were not naïve people! I thought, what is it like to be this family, and I didn’t think Ruth had done it. When everyone started hammering on her, I wondered, what is it like to be her?

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Postcard from “The Widow of Wall Street”

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Tour Dates for “The Widow of Wall Street”

For Exact Information Click Here

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