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My Recommended Reads (and Listens) for June


Reading is my life blood—between pleasure reading and research, I usually have three or four books going at a time. Including, of course, an audio book for when I’m driving, cleaning, or folding laundry. This month, the books that kept me awake were:

For depth and dignity: HUNGER by Roxane Gay. I can’t get enough time to inhale this book as fast as I want; which may be good, as this book requires thought (though it’s clear as water to read.) Totally up to the hype and more.

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Ten (More) Books to Read This Summer

So, I was lucky enough to get asked to be on Greater Boston’s Summer Books programs with Julie Wu and Jabari Asim (whose recommendations were incredible) hosted by the book-loving Jared Bowen. You can see it here:

The problem though, was picking one book per the categories they put forth. I wandered my bookshelves (scattered among 6 rooms) trying to stay faithful to the rules they made (bring the book with you—and I lend books out all too easily) and those I made (a book that has stayed with me for more than a year, thus guaranteeing that it truly passed the barrier and entered the bookish bloodstream, but that I’d read (or re-read) within the past few years, and last, not be so old that folk couldn’t get it easily. Plus, the authors had to be alive—don’t even ask why

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