Dear Al Franken & Friends: Groping-to-Rape Womansplained

The front page of this morning’s print edition (December 8, 2017) of The New York Times stunned me. On the left- hand side, the headline Endless Rape As War Refuge Turns to Terror: Fleeing Boko Haram to Cruel Protectors.

The right-hand side headline? Franken, Vexed By Accusations, Will Quit Senate: Apparent Bid for High Ground as Charges of Harassment Swirl.

We’re cautioned to beware the witch hunt as we examine accusations of assaultive behavior, to be careful of knocking down those only involved with ‘boys will be boys’ actions. These are tough topics: Franken, groping, stealing kisses, slipping hands up shirts. I don’t have the definitive answer on his resigning or not resigning—but I’m all too aware of where the behavior belongs.

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Gardening by the Book (and Without)

So many of the smartest women I know garden. Perhaps it’s our nature to relax by building something beautiful. Perhaps it’s because women, nurturing so often, need this time alone—or perhaps we’re nurturing the earth.

All I know is that the absolute most relaxed and happy I am on this earth is either because I’m reading or gardening. Or, in the best of worlds, both. Recently I read LATE BLOOMERS: How to Garden with Comfort, Ease, and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life. Not only was this book a joy to read, filled with great (and simple) ideas, I found a suggestion for a tool that just about saved my life (okay, my arms.)

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Funds to End Child Slavery at the Source

On Thursday, May 11, caring smart women were in motion: The Women’s Group of the Greens, ably led by Cookie Edell and Irene Bochner, raised funds for ECPAT-USA, a much needed organization protecting children.

“For more than two decades ECPAT-USA has been at the forefront of the fight to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We go to the source of the problem by fighting for new and improved laws, encouraging the private sector to do its part, and raising awareness among those who may be in a position to identify a child who is being commercially sexually exploited.” from ECPAT-USA

            Karen Weiss, Randy Susan Meyers, Deborah Morea

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Without Her, Where Would We Be?

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In Praise of Margaret Atwood

Once read, THE HANDMAID’S TALE engraves itself into you soul. What a debt we all owe to Margaret Atwood.


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Embrace your ambition. Tory Burch will help

I needed this today:  learning about a program which will help women achieve their ambition—women helping women. A program that has ” developed programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses.”

Why today, more than ever? Because I drove home bombarded by frightening news, increasingly anxious about a proposed health plan that denies women care and would provide financial help to the richest Americans, a proposed law in Texas which allows doctors to withholding the news that their fetus has severe abnormalities, an immigration proposal that might have blocked my great-grandparents from escaping persecution . . . (it goes on) .... I opened my laptop determined to remember that well over half the country is working like crazy to make sure that Americans don’t lose rights. And, in so many cases, women, incensed at how they are being treated, are leading the charge.

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Cure a Book Desert! Help Bring a Bookstore to the Bronx


Noelle Santos is determined to rescue the Bronx from the fate of being a book desert. When the last bookstore (a Barnes & Noble) closed in this huge borough of New York City, she went to work, shocked that there were 1.4 million people... 10 colleges... 42.7 square miles... and no bookstore. Through INDIEGOGO Ms. Santos plans to bring to the Bronx:

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Boston Women’s March 2017

women's march

Boston Women’s March—one of those in every state in the union.

crowd women

Filled with family

family Boston Women's March Collage pics2

Beautiful children

Kids At Boston Women's March

Extraordinary Signs

Signs boston womens march

Dogs in Pink


Brilliant Girls & Boys


Dogs Wearing Scarves

dog with scarf

And A Wonderful Sea of People

Boston Women's March Collage 1

Women in Fur

Kitty Woman 2

kitty women

Shades of Harry Potter

Dumbledore march

And I got to be with my BFF since forever


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