The Murderer’s Daughters

“From the very first page and straight on until the last, the clear and distinctive voice of Randy Susan Meyers’ The Murderer’s Daughters will have you enraptured and wanting more—even though self-preservation may curl you into a ball to shield yourself from the painful circumstances of the two sisters. This is a heart-breaking and powerful novel.”
Massachusetts Center for the Book

“All too believable and heartbreaking.”
LA Times “Knock-Out Debuts”

“A gripping tale of sisters struggling for 30 years to find their way in the world, one devoted to their imprisoned father, the other enraged at him. An impressively executed novel, disturbing and convincing.
Boston Globe

“Dives fearlessly into a tense and emotional story of two sisters anchored to one irreversible act of domestic violence.”
The Miami Herald

“A powerful portrait of two sisters growing up in the shadow of violence . . . A thought-provoking, heart-tugging debut.”
Boston Magazine

“Beautiful language balms the dark plot.”
—Daily Candy, “Best New Winter Books”

“Unshakable truths at every turn. . . a remarkably assured debut.”
The Denver Post

“Meyers’ writing is dramatic without being overdone.”
The Boston Herald

“Your heart will go out to Lulu and Merry. The tale of their grief and struggle to find their identities is beautifully written. A great debut novel.”
Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul

“Above all else the question of forgiveness.”
Jewish Book World

“Much like Janet Fitch’s White Oleander or Jacquelyn Mitchard’s The Deep End of the Ocean, her book takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Readers, get out your handkerchief and prepare to care.”
Library Journal Review

“Secrets, loyalty and madness also are at the core of this eloquent and engaging debut novel.
Winnipeg Jewish Review

“Psychologically complex characters make Meyers’ debut a satisfying read.”
Publishers Weekly

“A haunting new novel.”
The Jewish Daily Forward

“Meyers’ strength is in her descriptions of the heartbreak of the sisters’ situation as children and their continued struggles as adults, as well as the clarity and individuality of their voices.”
School Library Journal

“A gut-wrenchingly powerful, emotional novel.”
Wichita Falls Time Record News 

“Rich and poignant.”
The Improper Bostonian

“Think of two little girls witnessing the murder of their mother by their father. Think of one small child subsequently stabbed by the same father and sent all alone to the hospital. It is painful to envision, and yet, we are not naïve, and know such violence exists. Now imagine how the crime, the loss, and the knowledge of their imprisoned father waiting for them to visit affects the girls in every step of their development and every moment of their adult lives.”
—The Jewish Book Council

“The book has been greeted with rave reviews . . . the book’s themes are the connections of sisters, raising oneself in the world, and feeling isolated, invisible, and lost.”
Jamaica Plain Gazette

“Compelling and satisfying.”
Hudson Valley News

“Meyers’ empathetic, socially conscious debut considers the burdens carried and eventually shed by two sisters, survivors of domestic violence. “
Kirkus Reviews

“The engrossing debut The Murderer’s Daughters is a survival story, if ever there was one . . . a tightly written, unsentimental narrative that doesn’t let either the reader or the characters opt out.”

“If you want to understand how a hidden event of violence resonates through the next generation, read this book.”
The Good Men’s Project

“. . . a powerful book that stuck with me for days. After reading the first chapter, I wasn’t able to put it down; I had to know how the story resolved. The Murderer’s Daughters is a fantastic debut novel about the impact of family violence on children.”
Calgary Library

“Leave a few hours though, because once you start it is impossible to leave the lives of Lulu and Merry behind.”
Unilife Magazine

“First-time novelist Randy Susan Meyers certainly knows how to draw a reader into her story while creating empathy for her characters.”
San Francisco & Sacramento Book Review

“Once you start this book you won’t want to put it down.”
Indianola Public Library Reviews

“Asks with feeling and intelligence the limits of blame . . . absolutely amazing.”
Questions de femmes, France

“A wonderful and thoughtful, wise novel.”
Annabelle, Germany

“A touching tale that will truly move you.”
The Sun, UK

“A story of violence and sorrow but also of loyalty. An impressive, compelling novel.”
The Daily Echo UK

“A complex look at justice, the nature of truth, and above all, at the reality of feelings.”
Psychologies Magazine France

“A beautiful novel about guilt, forgiveness, the ambiguity of feelings and violence against women.
Marie Claire, France

“As provocative as We Need to Talk About Kevin and as emotional as any Jodi Picoult novel.”
New Zealand Women’s Weekly

“An astutely paced, beautifully written and heartbreaking work of fiction.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Simply Unforgettable.”
Femme Actuelle, France

“Profoundly empathic”
TGV Magazine, France

“A book about justice”
Elle, France 

“A magnificent book”
Public Magazine, France

“This is one of the best written stories I’ve read in a long time.”

“This isn’t a story about a murder. It’s a story about how two little girls grow into two complicated women and ultimately come to terms with the tragedy that defined their childhood. I highly recommend it.”
The Book Studio WETA

“Approaches her subject with grace and sensitivity.”

“The Murderer’s Daughters grabs you by the hand and pulls you into the lives of Lulu, ten, and Merry, five, from its very first page! After such an intense reading experience, it’s difficult to let their world go! This novel is skillfully written and conceived by Ms. Meyers to unlock everyone’s emotions. Highly recommended as a sensitive portrayal of those who act rashly and those who don’t, and how both try to get along in this world.”
Book Room Reviews

“An affecting exploration of relationships framed around the powers of forgiveness and the evolving bonds of family love.

“Meyers tackles a very difficult subject with grace and authenticity.”

“A shocking act of family violence overshadows the lives of two sisters, from childhood to maturity. A riveting debut.”
Book of the Month Club

 “If you’re looking for am emotionally gripping tale, consider The Murderer’s Daughters.”

 “Tragic and intense, The Murderer’s Daughters will leave readers questioning everything they know about parenting and what it means to be a family.”
Michelle’s Masterful Musings

“A brilliant book that dealt with the emotional and psychological impact of childhood violence . . . Reading this book actually helped me reanalyze my own feelings about my father and I’m grateful for it.  I would encourage everyone to read this book.”
Wordsmithonia Blogspot

“Wow, I just don’t know what to say. Even with the sensitive subject matter and tense moments I loved this book. It is definitely one you can’t put down.”
‘Til We Read Again

“A crime of passion destroys a family. We feel for the sisters and the stigma of being a murderer’s daughter stays on.”
Everything Distills Into Reading

“A world that pulls you in page by. . . this novel would make a fantastic book club selection.”
Life in the Thumb Blogspot

“This is a book you should not miss.”
The Lost Entwife

“Randy Susan Meyers has done an excellent job of describing the aftermath and fallout in families from violence.”
Booksie’s Blog

 “This book is immensely readable, grabbing my attention from the very first chapter.”
A Few More Pages

“Definitely a compelling story, with interesting characters.”
Fluidity of Time

“A gripping novel that puts a human face on domestic violence and what it can do to families.”
Deb’s Bookbag Blogspot

“This is a beautifully written book, with great characters and it is so difficult to read.”
A Lotta Books

Author Reviews

The Murderer’s Daughters is the unforgettable tale of Merry and Lulu, little sisters in sorrow, seared by their father’s violence. Their heartbreaking story, which spans thirty years, will bring tears to your eyes...but there is a shining light of hope at the end of the tunnel. ”
Tatiana de Rosnay, New York Times bestselling author of Sarah’s Key

“In her mesmerizing, empathic novel The Murderer’s Daughters, Meyers explores the bond between two sisters clinging to each other in the aftermath of their mother’s murder and their father’s imprisonment...and how their bond is tested by the reappearance of the past. You won’t be able to put it down.”
Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us

“In The Murderer’s Daughters Randy Susan Meyers tells the intricate and absorbing story of two sisters, one of whom regards herself as an orphan. I love the sweep of this novel, from childhood to adulthood, from pain to understanding, and how intimately Meyers knows her characters and brings them to life. I finished The Murderer’s Daughters with the sense that I had been on the best kind of journey. ”
Margot Livesey, author of The House on Fortune Street, Winner 2009 L. L. Winship/PEN New England Award

“A novel with a seamless understanding of everyone involved in the tragedy, and empathy for even the worst of the human heart.”
Chris Abouzied, author of Anatopsis

“This story of two near-orphaned sisters is so haunting, intimate, and real it makes the heart ache. Merry and Lulu stand among the most memorable characters I’ve ever encountered-and grown to love. The Murderer’s Daughters is a beautiful and hypnotic debut no one should miss.”
Tish Cohen, author of Inside Out Girl and Town House

“It’s impossible not to be moved by Meyers’ heartbreaking tale of two sisters’ resilience in the face of trauma and neglect. The story’s hope lies in the unique and personal ways each finds the courage to move on.”
Lynne Reeves Griffin, author of Life Without Summer

The Murderer’s Daughters perfectly captures the complex entanglements of family. After unspeakable childhood trauma, Merry and Lulu are two sisters who can neither easily love nor easily leave each other. Following the girls-then women-for three decades, Meyers proves to be a humane, honest and rich storyteller. A powerful, engaging read.”
Miriam Gershow, author of The Local News

“This wonderful, thought-provoking novel took hold of me on page one and never let me go. With lovely prose and an uncanny delicacy for such a horrific and oftentimes unspeakable topic, Randy Susan Meyers brilliantly succeeds in telling the untold story of what happens to the children of murder victims. Alternately told through the eyes of Lulu and Merry, the story spans over 30 years and provides a riveting read. . . Highly recommended.”
Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt