The Widow of Wall Street

Praise for The Widow of Wall Street

“ . . .as this compelling story unfolds, you realize nothing is as uncomplicated as it seems.”
Associated Press

“When Phoebe and Jake Pierce meet as teenagers, she knows he’s someone on the way up, and she wants to be there as he climbs the Wall Street ladder. He gets everything he ever wanted. When it turns out that Jake’s success rests on a huge Ponzi scheme, Phoebe has to make an excruciating choice.
New York Post ‘Must Read Books’

“Randy Susan Meyers borrowed a real-life story for the building blocks of her fourth novel, “The Widow of Wall Street,” which chronicles a couple’s marriage as they amass great wealth and then lose it all when the husband is revealed to have committed financial fraud. . .  heartbreaking.”
The Boston Globe

When the blow falls, unforgiving eyes glare at Phoebe, who’s assumed to be complicit and made a pariah. Though innocent of her husband’s scheme, she’d brought him clients, and she experiences inner whippings of guilt, still loving but also hating Jake. Their children present the impossible choice: Dad or us. It’s torture for everyone. Yet Meyers brings lively, intelligent observations to this wrenching situation.
The Improper Bostonian

Compelling. This is a great read. . . . An engrossing emotional journey.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Full of deceit, scandal, and guilt, her novel expertly explores how rising to the top only to hit rock bottom affects a family. The consequence will leave readers reeling.”
Library Journal

“An engaging and sharp reflection of the rapid changes in marital dynamics over the course of the 20th century, as well as a cautionary tale about the dangers and allure of ambition in the heyday of Wall Street.”
Publishers Weekly

“Phoebe falls for Jake Pierce hard when they’re still just teenagers: She seems to know even before he does that he’ll go on to conquer a financial empire and rule the Wall Street scene. But the dirty secret behind Jake’s success will eventually become the downfall of this couples’ glittering life together.Think of The Widow of Wall Street as The Wolf of Wall Street — except told from the side of the wife, more scintillating, and a testament to the power of a woman’s ability to survive it all — it’s a must-read that will dazzle and repel you, in equal measure.
—Refinery 29

“From the first standout line—“Phoebe never hated her husband more than when she visited him in prison”—Meyers sets up a premise she effectively probes in this compulsively readable book.”
—Jewish Boston

“When Phoebe’s husband is arrested for pioneering a Wall Street Ponzi scheme, she is thrust into the media spotlight. Investors, investigators and her children all want to know what she knew and when. As her world crumbles around her, she is forced to reassess her life and find a new direction.
—The Jacksonville Journal-Courier

“A ripped-from-the-headlines story about love, ambition, and forgiveness.”
—Pop Sugar

An intoxicating look into the heartbreak and deceit that exist behind the curtain of a shattered family…Meyers is a skilled writer, giving depth and painting a vivid picture from start to finish. Her writing draws readers into the book as if they lived it.
RT Book Reviews

“Randy Susan Meyers is simply the best at portraying a marriage and the interplay of husband and wife.
—Hot Mom’s Club

“Kudos to Randy Susan Meyers for delivering another page-turning must-read! . . No movie can capture what really happened in the real life Ponzi scheme but this novel sure came close.”—Literary Marie

Of the course the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but this novel brings to light how the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme of the 90’s could have happened. The Widow of Wall Street explores the workings behind a “legitimate” brokerage house, and the shandy under doing of the 37th floor private “Club” that was exclusive to only those who had money to invest and were too naive to ask about double digits on their investments.....until the bottom dropped out! The book shows the ramifications of this “Club” on family members, and close friends. Jake may have thought he had the brilliant mind, but it was his loving, ever faithful wife that took the brunt of the fall. A very interesting read that sheds light and details on how these illegal schemes come about.—Staff Pick at R.J. Julia

“Riveting, thoughtful, and nuanced, The Widow of Wall Street will provide plenty of material for book clubs to ponder as they discuss this complex woman and her story.”—Pamela Klinger-Horn, Excelsior Bay Books (Excelsior, MN)

If you enjoy dark fiction about family relationships and deception, keep an eye out for a new novel coming out this April from bestselling author Randy Susan Meyers.  The Widow of Wall Street opens in 2009 with a visit to the Ray Brook Federal Correctional Institution, where Phoebe Pierce’s husband, Jake, is imprisoned on fraud charges following the discovery of the elaborate Ponzi scheme upon which he built their fortune. The novel follows Phoebe from the beginnings of her relationship with Jake during the summer of 1960, through the present day, living with her husband’s notoriety and the world’s censure and suspicion, reminding readers with that sparkly city skyline that all that glitters is not gold.”
Jewish Book Council, The Prosen People

This is a cautionary tale as well as a story of love, trust, success, failure, betrayal and destruction. For some, the need for success becomes a compulsion and morality can fall by the wayside. Relationships, emotions and commitment can cloud logic and truth and unfortunately the ripple effect is devastating. With suspenseful storytelling and insight into the illusion of what seemed like a storybook marriage, Randy Susan Meyers definitely delivered; I highly recommend this book!
—Book Trib

“How can a wife be that much in the dark about her husband? What motivates a spouse to stay in the marriage after such an unimaginable betrayal? How can a family survive after a crisis like this, especially one that is so public? . . . the mystery of the novel is not whether Jake is guilty. Rather, it is why and how he committed the crime and how Phoebe and her children deal with the truth.”
—Great New Books

“Randy Susan Meyers is a master at building tension in seemingly ordinary places. Gorgeously written and completely enthralling, The Widow of Wall Street is a gripping story of scandal and life after devastation.”—Katie Eelman, Media & Events Director, Papercuts BookstoreThe Widow of Wall Street is a big, ambitious story, and Meyers’ telling does not disappoint. The writing is clear and expressive; readers are held in thrall as we watch Phoebe’s world rise and then collapse.”
—Kathy Crowley, Belmont Books (Belmont, MA)“Meyers paints a brutal, revealing tale of a woman with everything to lose.”—Glommable

This is a fictionalized version of Bernie Madoff’s descent from a life of affluence and luxury to his exposure as a fraud when his Ponzi scheme crumbles, ruining thousands of lives. In this compelling story, we meet Jake and Phoebe Pierce as students. Alternating between Jake’s and Phoebe’s perspectives, Meyer chronicles a marriage clouded by deceit. When Jake’s lies are exposed, Phoebe must face the truth: she never really knew her husband.

This is a compelling fictionalization of the Bernie Madoff scandal and if you enjoy dark fiction about family relationships and deception, then this book is for you! The story opens in 2009 with a visit to the Ray Brook Federal Correctional Institution where Phoebe Pierce’s husband Jake is imprisoned on fraud charges following the discovery of the elaborate Ponzi scheme upon which he built their fortune. The novel follows Phoebe from the beginning of her relationship with Jake when she was 17 through the present day. My heart ached for Phoebe because I truly believe she was not involved in her husband’s wrong doing but was just a woman who loved her husband, and their life together and didn’t ask any questions.”—Babs B, Darien Library, CT

“I dare you not to read Randy Susan Meyers’ The Widow of Wall Street in one big gulp.  What is it like to be married to a disgraced wolf of Wall Street, and how do you survive the aftermath of a scandal?  Meyers answers the question with a fascinating page turner that somehow manages both to indict and absolve.”—Melanie Benjamin, New York Times Bestselling author of The Swans of New York

“A novel about the dangers of blind love, The Widow of Wall Street is a tale of deception and manipulation that will help drag your bestie from the hole she’s digging for herself. Meyers’ main character Phoebe is madly devoted to her husband Jake, and fully supports all his successful endeavors on Wall Street. However, when he is revealed to be running a Ponzi scheme, and his world–and Phoebe’s–begins to fall, Phoebe’s loyalties are tested. She must pick a side–her children’s or Jake’s. Her children vow to never see her again if she stays with her husband, but it seems impossible for her to leave Jake, despite all his lies.”
—Dear Mable, The Advice Column That Solves All Your Problems With Books

“This book works for me in no small part because it explores, in a fictional way, the Madoff story. Meyers gives readers a look into what life might have been like for Madoff, his wife and their families and friends after it all came crashing down. What was life like when everything you own is suddenly under government control, including the things your mother handed down to you? What’s it like for the children of a man that did these terrible things who also have to live with people wondering how much they knew? What’s it like to have to face family who’ve been hurt by your husband? What’s it like to be under siege by the media, to be considered a pariah wherever you go, to be torn by your loyalties? And what’s it like to go from having the best of everything to having almost nothing? It’s in the aftermath of Jake’s downfall that this book really shone for me.

As with all of Meyer’s books, this one would make a good book club selection with themes of loyalty, marriage, family ties, parental relationships, grief, corruption, ethics, fidelity, and multiculturalism.
—Lit and Life

This book was fascinating to me, a Pacific Northwest resident with little knowledge or attraction to the New York financial world, and the depth of the characters and tension of the story made it extremely hard to put this book down.  Definite winner!
—Laurie’s Lit Picks

This is a cautionary tale as well as a story of love, trust, success, failure, betrayal and destruction. For some, the need for success becomes a compulsion and morality can fall by the wayside.  Relationships, emotions and commitment can cloud logic and truth and unfortunately the ripple effect is devastating.  With suspenseful storytelling and insight into the illusion of what seemed like a storybook marriage Randy Susan Meyers definitely delivered;  I highly recommend this book!—Book Nation by Jen

“I’ll be honest: High finance isn’t my thing and I worried I wouldn’t be able to get into The Widow of Wall Street. How wrong I was! With all the suspense of a thriller, The Widow of Wall Street quickly pulled me into the story and didn’t let me go until the last page. Randy Susan Meyers made me feel, on a visceral level, the giddiness of Phoebe and Jake’s rise to power and the mounting panic as their lives and marriage begin to crumble. Brilliantly executed and beautifully written, The Widow of Wall Street should have wide appeal.”
—Diane Chamberlain, USA Today bestselling author of Pretending to Dance

“Randy Susan Meyers’ new novel explores the consequence of deception within a marriage driven by ambition and greed. The Widow of Wall Street is full of robust characters, scandal, and heartbreak. A riveting and engrossing read that I finished in one greedy gulp.
—Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost Wife

“This fast paced, in-depth look at a Madoff like Ponzi scheme had me on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms. I could not get off this suspenseful, emotional rollercoaster by incredible author Randy Susan Meyers.”

“Perfect for: Lovers of a juicy, page-turning take on a Ruth Madoff-esque character.”
—The Book Dumpling

“Read it as a feminist folk tale or read it as a beach read; one way or the other, this novel is riveting.”
Seattle Mama

“All in all, this book had me mesmerized. It caused me to question just how far one will go for family, success, and self-validation. And whether a sinner’s redemption is ever truly possible. Moreover, a mother’s plight in the battle between her husband’s needs and her children’s is heartbreaking in this story. If you love books that cause you to question how you would handle the circumstances that the characters of the book are mired in, as well as, the limits of your own moral compass, then I recommend that you give the Widow of Wall Street a read! You will love/hate Phoebe because she is so stupid in love, and Jake will make your skin crawl.
—January Gray Book Reviews

Meyers’ marvelous writing pulls the reader into the high stakes of Wall Street, the power and lives of the wealthy, and reminds us of the saying: Money is the root of all evil.​”
—Silver’s Reviews

“Tackles highly charged topics, telling deeply personal stories of women. Their complexities, fear, pride and despair are woven brilliantly into the absorbing narrative.
—JDC Must Read Books

“I really enjoyed this book and I had a very hard time putting it down. It’s about money, greed, love, lies, secrets, and betrayal and more! I had worried that the book would have a lot of financial talk. The author’s descriptions helped me understand enough to keep up but didn’t go overboard. I was completely entertained and invested in this family and their lives.”
—Dee’s Rad Reads & Reviews

“Juicy, page-turning”—The Book Dumpling

The book is absolutely riveting. . . this author- she writes characters that you really can’t stand, then you kind of sympathize with, then you find yourself totally annoyed that you’re even kind of liking them, then in the end you realize that was the point- you realize it’s to make you understand how judgmental we all are and how we shouldn’t be because we can’t possibly know what it’s like unless we’re walking in those shoes. We might think we know what we would do but unless those shoes are on our feet we have no idea. Excellent read, I highly recommend this especially if you like reads about dysfunctional marriages! “
Stranded in Chaos





Atria Books
April 11, 2017
ISBN: 978-1501131349

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