The Widow of Wall Street

Early praise for The Widow of Wall Street

“[A]n engaging and sharp reflection of the rapid changes in marital dynamics over the course of the 20th century, as well as a cautionary tale about the dangers and allure of ambition in the heyday of Wall Street.
– Publishers Weekly

Meyers (Accidents of Marriage) once again pulls the reader into a tangled marriage, this time through the lens of the financial world. Full of deceit, scandal, and guilt, her novel expertly explores how rising to the top only to hit rock bottom affects a family. The consequence will leave readers reeling, as Phoebe struggle to understand Jake’s reason and redefine her life in the aftermath. —Library Journal


Compelling. This is a great read. . . . An engrossing emotional journey.”Kirkus Reviews

Riveting, thoughtful, and nuanced, THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET will provide plenty of material for book clubs to ponder as they discuss this complex woman and her story.”—Pamela Klinger-Horn, Excelsior Bay Books (Excelsior, MN)

“Randy Susan Meyers is a master at building tension in seemingly ordinary places. Gorgeously written and completely enthralling, THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET is a gripping story of scandal and life after devastation.”
— Katie Eelman, Media & Events Director, Papercuts Bookstore (Boston, MA)

Randy Susan Meyers isn’t afraid to dive deep on characters in crisis, especially women. There’s nothing clichéd about her novels—she never oversimplifies, sentimentalizes, or in any way sells the story short. This has been the case with her first three novels and is even more so with her new novel, The Widow of Wall Street.

 Phoebe is the widow of the title. She and Jake marry when they are both young, and they succeed together as he conquers the financial world. When Jake’s empire is exposed as a Ponzi scheme, decades later, victims include their own children, as well as Phoebe’s family and closest friends. In addition to the devastation wrought by Jake, questions arise about Phoebe’s role. What did she know, and when? Why did she stay by his side? The Widow of Wall Street is a big, ambitious story, and Meyers’ telling does not disappoint. The writing is clear and expressive; readers are held in thrall as we watch Phoebe’s world rise and then collapse. — Kathy Crowley, Belmont Books (Belmont, MA)

If you enjoy dark fiction about family relationships and deception, keep an eye out for a new novel coming out this April from bestselling author Randy Susan Meyers.  The Widow of Wall Street opens in 2009 with a visit to the Ray Brook Federal Correctional Institution, where Phoebe Pierce’s husband, Jake, is imprisoned on fraud charges following the discovery of the elaborate Ponzi scheme upon which he built their fortune. The novel follows Phoebe from the beginnings of her relationship with Jake in the summer of 1960 through the present day, living with her husband’s notoriety and the world’s censure and suspicion, reminding readers with that sparkly city skyline that all that glitters is not gold.”Jewish Book Council, The Prosen People

I dare you not to read Randy Susan Meyers’ THE WIDOW OF WALL STREET in one big gulp.  What is it like to be married to a disgraced wolf of Wall Street, and how do you survive the aftermath of a scandal?  Meyers answers the question with a fascinating page turner that somehow manages both to indict and absolve.”
—Melanie Benjamin, New York Times Bestselling author of THE SWANS OF FIFTH AVENUE

“A novel about the dangers of blind love, The Widow of Wall Street is a tale of deception and manipulation that will help drag your bestie from the hole she’s digging for herself. Meyers’ main character Phoebe is madly devoted to her husband Jake, and fully supports all his successful endeavors on Wall Street. However, when he is revealed to be running a Ponzi scheme, and his world–and Phoebe’s–begins to fall, Phoebe’s loyalties are tested. She must pick a side–her children’s or Jake’s. Her children vow to never see her again if she stays with her husband, but it seems impossible for her to leave Jake, despite all his lies.

Focusing on the danger of love, and loyalty to the point of ignorance, Meyers paints a brutal, revealing tale of a woman with everything to lose.Dear Mable: The Advice Colum That Solves All Your Problems With Books


“I’ll be honest: High finance isn’t my thing and I worried I wouldn’t be able to get into The Widow of Wall Street. How wrong I was! With all the suspense of a thriller, The Widow of Wall Street quickly pulled me into the story and didn’t let me go until the last page. Randy Susan Meyers made me feel, on a visceral level, the giddiness of Phoebe and Jake’s rise to power and the mounting panic as their lives and marriage begin to crumble. Brilliantly executed and beautifully written, The Widow of Wall Street should have wide appeal.”
—Diane Chamberlain, USA Today bestselling author of Pretending to Dance

“Randy Susan Meyers’ new novel explores the consequence of deception within a marriage driven by ambition and greed. The Widow of Wall Street is full of robust characters, scandal, and heartbreak. A riveting and engrossing read that I finished in one greedy gulp.
—Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost Wife

This fast paced, in-depth look at a Madoff like Ponzi scheme had me on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms. I could not get off this suspenseful, emotional rollercoaster by incredible author Randy Susan Meyers (Accidents of Marriage). She creates a world of likable characters (except for Jake, of course!) and even when the crisis looming is obvious you are still rooting for some way that Phoebe can fix this mess. She is faced not just with financial ruin, but the loss of her children, her sister and her faith. Highly recommend this unputdownable read that will be available in April! Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to let my friends and fellow booklovers know that this is one they CANNOT miss!!


Praise for Accidents of Marriage

“This novel’s unsparing look at emotional abuse and its devastating consequences gives it gravity and bite, while a glimpse into a physically damaged mind both surprises and fascinates.
People Magazine

A deft exploration of the borders of abuse and the aftermath of tragedy, the triumphs and disappointments of recovery, and the possibilities of faith and forgiveness.”
Star Tribune

“One of those rare novels that is both unputdownable and unforgettable. I just loved it—and I’ll now read everything Randy Susan Meyers writes.
—Liane Moriarty, New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies

Praise for The Comfort of Lies

Randy Susan Meyers’s second novel is sharp and biting, and sometimes wickedly funny when the author skewers Boston’s class and neighborhood dividing lines, but it has a lot of heart, too.”
Boston Globe

I devoured this big-hearted story of three women whose lives collide years after a baby is put up for adoption.”
—J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of Commencement and Maine

“With a vision that is generous, yet unsentimental, a testimony to the healing power of the truth.”
—Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow

Praise for The Murderer’s Daughters

“All too believable and heartbreaking.”
LA Times

Unshakable truths at every turn.”
The Denver Post

The Murderer’s Daughters will leave you enraptured and wanting more.”
Massachusetts Center for the Book

Atria Books
April 11, 2017
ISBN: 978-1501131349

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